I am Ashton Thomas, the best dream you’ve had. Ever.
I am 25, 5’10 of lean, hard Aussie muscle with a face that drive chicks  and dudes  wild.


Ever since I was a boy I have been nothing but horny, craving pussy, yearning for the attention of drooling chicks and their lips all over me. Living in a small town in Rural New South Wales has not been easy on my 7.5 inches of manhood, so I turned to the Internet, Gods gift to horny country studs like me. It opened a whole new world for me, connecting me to millions of people, thousands of whom have now become my adoring fans.


What do I like? Well I love the attention of all those drooling chicks and even the adoration of those guys who like dick. I have it, so I flaunt it to anybody who knows what perfection is. In real life however, I am as straight as they come, always ready to make a girl happy and to see the feeling of gratitude in her eyes as I plough her deep.


What do I offer to my fans, to my faithful followers, here on the Net? Me, of course! You can see me on cam, watch me as I run my hands over my rippling muscles, watch my fingers play with my nipples and squirm in your seat as I stick my hand in my pants, teasingly, tantalisingly, and pull out the monster that has made many a chick swoon. You can gaze at my perfect face, watching me run my fingers through my hair, imagining they are your fingers, sighing as you realise they are not. You will see me and you will squirm, you will drool and you will crave even more. And I will love every second of it.